Arena Swimwear Online Store

Making new online shop for world famous Arena brand was huge honour for us. Arena products are widely used by many olympic teams and famous athletes and all of the products are very highly developed. They have developed special materials like PowerSkin Carbon Ultra.

Arena wanted to expand their online sales to Scandinavia and Baltics so, our task was to make good looking website, that would match with Arena brand book and at the same time would have great usability.

Selling clothes online, is not easy and on of the priorities was to have minimum return rate, because of the sizes. We added size charts and fitting information to each of the products and as today, return rate is minimal.

It’s honor to have customer like Arena and we are huge fans of Arena products by ourselves.

Core technology: Magento
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Client Details

Arena is world famous swimwear producer and official sponsor of many national olympic teams, including USA, Norway, Denmark, Germany etc.




E-commerce, Web Design